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Marine Plywood

Plywood is a versatile building material that can be used for a number of projects. Our Marine grade plywood is offered in a variety of species and sizes!

• Teak (G1S & G2S)
• Teak White Line
• Teak Black Line
• Philippine Mahogany
• Occume
• Sapele Ribbon Stripe
• Honduras Mahogany
• Birch
• African Mahogany

Interior Plywood 

We carry a large selection of interior grade plywood! If we don't have exactly what you need, we are happy to special order it for you!

Domestics Color Characteristics Pattern Source
Ash Sapwood Is Nearly White; Heartwood Is Grayish Brown to Light Brown to Pale Yellow Heavy in Weight, Hard, Strong, High Shock Resistance, Excellent Bending Qualities Straight Grain; Coarse, Even Texture United States & Canada
Basswood Creamy White Very Light in Weight, Fairly Soft Fine Grain (Not Distinct) Northern United States
& Canada
Beech, American White Sapwood; Heartwood Is Whitish to Pale Pinkish-Brown Strong, Hard Straight to Interlocked, Close-Grained, Fine Texture Europe, U.K., & West Asia
Birch Light Brown to Yellow Sapwood; Heartwood Is Brown Tinged with Small Amounts of Reddish Coloring Heavy, Hard, Strong Straight Grained; Fine, Uniformed Texture United States & Canada
Butternut Warm Medium-Brown Light to Medium Weight, Easy to Work Straight Grained; Coarse, Soft Texture United States & Canada
Cedar, Aromatic Sapwood Is Nearly White; Heartwood Is Purplish to Rose-Red; Matures to Dull Red or Reddish-Brown Pencil-Cedar Odor, Moderately Heavy, Hard Straight Grained, Fine Texture Eastern United States
Cedar, Western Red Sapwood Is Nearly White; Heartwood Is Reddish-Brown; Loose, Red Tinge on Exposure Light, Easily Worked, Aromatic Scent; Extremely Resistant to Moisture Straight Grained, 
Coarse Texture
Western Canada & United States
Cherry Sapwood Is Nearly White; Heartwood Is Light Pinkish-Brown to Dark Reddish-Brown Light, Strong, Hard Fine, Straight, Close-Grained Eastern United States
Cypress Sapwood Is Nearly White; Heartwood Is Either Light Yellowish-Brown or Dark Brownish-Red Heavy, Strong, Hard Medium Texture, Tight to Medium Grain United States
Fir, Douglas Yellowish to Orange-Red to Light Red, with Narrow Band of White Sapwood Moderately Light, Hard Generally, Straight Grained; Medium to Coarse Texture Northwestern United States & Southwestern Canada
Hickory Sapwood Is Nearly White; Heartwood Is Creamy to Pinkish-Brown, with Dark Streaks Moderately Heavy, Moderately Hard, Extremely Tough & Resilient Straight, Close-Grained; Fine Textured Eastern United States
Holly, White White to Ivory-White Works Easily, Peels & Glues Well Fine Textured West Africa
Maple, Birdseye Creamy White-Pinkish Heavy, Hard, Tough Wavy Grain with Tiny Swirling Knots or "Eyes" United States & Canada
Maple, Curly Creamy White-Pinkish Heavy, Hard, Tough Distinct Wave or Flame-Like Figure throughout United States & Canada
Maple, Hard White Sapwood Is White to Creamy-White; Heartwood Is Creamy White to Pinkish, Reddish-Brown Heavy, Hard, Tough Straight, Close Grain, Occasionally Wavy Eastern United States & Canada
Oak, Red Sapwood Is Grayish-White to Pale Reddish-Brown: Heartwood Is Pinkish to Light Reddish-Brown Heavy, Hard, Strong Straight Grained, Coarse Texture Eastern United States & Canada
Oak, White Sapwood Is Whitish to Light-Brown; Heartwood Is a Rich Light-Brown to Dark Brown Heavy, Hard, Strong Straight Grained, Coarse Texture Eastern United States & Southeastern Canada

Plywood Grades

A Grade (A)
This has a smooth, tight-cut, full-length veneer face. If more than one piece of veneer is used, they are book-matched and appear parallel.

Grade (1)
Grade 1 has a smooth, tight cut and a full-length veneer face. Face veneers may not match, but contrasts in color and grain will not be extreme. The joints will be tight.

Industrial Grade (4)
This is faced with mill option veneer, which may contain open defects.

White Oak & Western Red Cedar Wood


This is the innermost portion of plywood, often referred to as the "center." A core may be made of veneer, fiberboard, particleboard or lumber.

 • VC=Veneer Core • LC=Lumber Core • FL=Flake Core • MDF=Medium Density Fiber Core